Comprehensive treatment in the heart of Helsinki

Ullanlinnan Silmälääkärit ophthalmologists provide assistance in all areas related to eye care. We offer comprehensive, premium quality services, from eye examination to treatment of eye diseases and disorders. We work reliably, with professional expertise, and cater to the individual needs of every customer.

Our private eye care practise serves customers in the center of Helsinki. Our staff consists of top ophthalmology professionals, from opticians to eye doctors, all utilizing the field’s latest methods in treatment and research.

How do you know when you need an eye care specialist?

It is always recommended to see an ophthalmologist when suffering from vision disturbances or weakened eyesight, pain, or external abnormalities.

Eye diseases become significantly more common with age. Regular examinations are an important part of health care, and essential in recognizing symptomless and genetic diseases as early as possible.

The minimum recommended eye examination frequency is once every five years for 40 year olds and once every three years for 60 year olds.

Eye examinations

  • Vision screenings
  • Visual field tests
  • Contrast vision screenings
  • Stereo tests
  • Cataract examinations
  • Glaucoma exams and treatments
  • Keratoconus examinations
  • Follow-up treatments for patients with diabetics or high blood pressure
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Eye allergy treatments
  • Other eye diseases, disorders and their treatmentsNäöntarkkuuden tutkimukset

Research laboratory

  • Intraocular pressure tests
  • Colour vision tests
  • Visual field tests
  • Contrast vision screenings
  • OCT research
  • Stereo tests
  • Eyeground exams